R&B in itself is such a wholesome genre that not only soothes your mind but it also hits your soul with pure bliss. In a time where the world is obsessed with hip hop and pop, there was once a time (which still is alive in the hearts of many) when R&B beats owned the crown of the music industry. It was the soul tune for music lovers who loved to hear raw emotions and crude feelings in the most melodious voices. When words softly are sung as if beads dipped in honey, R&B ruled the world of music. If you wish to make music beats of your own then you can do it with the help of a beat making software.

Unique voices and inspirations

With his soulful yet machoistic voice, R&B singers can even make a song based on fatherhood seem as sensational as a bedroom sex jam. They sing the song with such devotion and passion that you can’t help but want to keep listening and hum along. The soulful music presented by the ever-inspiring Badu was set in a time when creating something new with neo-soul rhythm did not seem possible, she brought forward a fresh and ground breaking approach to the genre. She explored the depths of R&B beats with her melodious and soulful voice in her songs, even more, it must be mentioned that there is an abundance of classic pop-drenched dance songs as well that can easily make everyone start moving to its beats in any party. 

Even though the lyrics aren’t the best part at times, the beats and rhythm were totally on fire. It became so wildly popular in such a short time that almost anyone from the 90s would easily recognize this song even today.

Fusion of various genres

With a fusion of all the best spices from the musical genres, R&B has hip-hop, reggae or any other genre turn into something that no one could have ever anticipate. Initially, the songs seem to sound the same but when you actually invest yourself into it, you would realize how beautiful it actually is when all the different worlds simply delve into one. There were many modern girl groups who served as the inspiration for such marvellous projects such as the precious R&B sister groups: Destiny’s Child, Total, Brownstone, and even The Miracles. Their songs became the staple for every 90’s sensational party. Each and every element of the songs simply sinks into the heart. But if we are discussing fusion and magic then you just cannot forget the best hit of Aaliyah ‘Are you that somebody?’ which shook the chords of millions of hearts. Even to this day, people adore and love this song. No matter what the songs were, R&B beats always hits the deepest chords of one’s heat and make everything nostalgic.

R&B is like conservation that you need to have with your musical buds. Just sit down and relish the tastes of the soulful music. It is like once in a lifetime opportunity. You would not get the chance to have this conversation again. You can also create beats like r&b beats if you have an understanding music with a beat making software.