You must have been perfecting your beats and your craft and they must have gotten better over time. So now you must be at the point where you would have started to wonder to reap the rewards of all your hard work that you would have put in all these many years; but where would you sell your beats?

You might not realize it, but hey there are quite a few websites where you can sell your beats, and honestly, you have already been using a few of them. Let’s look upon those sites where to find beats for sale.

Using Website 

Having one’s own selling website of beats is pretty ideal because it reflects how professional your brand and you are. There are numerous beatmakers that are giving beats online to sell via various mediums, but very few actually got their own website. There are also other existing sites you’d find on net- you may look in their such as, the Airbit which is arguably one of the best sites in order to sell the beats online as they are already a marketplace that is established for any sort of beatmaker to sell out the beats, alongside the artists looking forward to buying the beats.

This offers commission-free sales, and what is really great is that it is well set up for you in order to sell the beats easily. If you are someone new to be selling the beats, then you are definitely required to start here. Firstly, there is a free account plan and then you can go on to upgrade to a paid plan that will give you more selling options. One of the finest features they have is that of custom contracts and licenses. Another great feature is how the system automatically adds the voice tag to a beat you upload for sale.

The people who created Airbit literally went on to thought of everything related to the sale of beats:

  • Discounts and the Coupons
  • Social Integrations
  • Mailing list integrations
  • Co-Producers
  • Sell Sound Kits
  • Facebook Ad Tracking Pixel
  • Social Lock Downloads

By Making Use Of Social Networking Sites

There are more than one billion people active on Facebook. Amongst all those, If even a tiny percentage of the users are looking forward to buying beats, that would eventually mean there are various opportunities for you in order to profit from the beat sales. Knowing that this social platform website, it is still a better way to let the people know easily about your beat when you ask all your Facebook friends to spread a word that you create and make beats and you are selling them, or you can simply go on to post on your feed telling the people you have beats for the sale.

The other great feature is, simply, ads. This platform thrives on an advertisement, and they do have a greater system in place for any individual to advertise, even with a small budget. One can select the target audience. When it comes to promotion and marketing, one of the very best ways of getting noticed is through YouTube. Over 300 hours of the video is uploaded on this platform every minute! So because there are endless people that go on to watch YouTube, undoubtedly, it would be a greater place to promote your beats!

With over millions of the users, there are an endless number of the music fans out there who are looking for new music that they can get their hands-on, including artists who are looking for the best and the hottest beats. Arguably, this is the place where to find beats for sale.